ZBlanche Teeth Whitening System


  • Deluxe Flexible Tray to Whiten Upper & Lower teeth with breather holes
  • Two - 5 cc syringes Teeth Whitening Gel (appx 10 treatments)
  • White Retainer Case
  • Hands Free/Wireless LED Light
  • ZBlanche Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pen removes coffee, wines, smoking stains
  • Colored Gift bag included
  • Retails for $225!


Insert light into tray & turn on. Fill tray with thin line of gel on both sides. Insert into mouth for 25 mins. Remove and rinse mouth well. Gently brush teeth. Clean tray with water and place in retainer case.  

Whiten 2 Consecutive Days for Maximum Whitening. Thereafter, Whiten once a month for maintenance.


Not recommended if pregnant, nursing or have dental problems (cavity, toothache, currently wearing braces or allergic to hydrogen peroxide). Products used in the home may have risks and you should consult a dentist if you have questions. You may experience some tooth sensitivity, however, this will disappear in 1 day and is not permanent. If you feel a sharp pain in a tooth, discontinue and rinse your mouth well. Contact your dentist!  


Same product used in dental offices.


Active Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide (strongest) or Zero Peroxide (sensitive teeth)

ZBlanche Teeth Whitening System

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